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Meet Our Staff

Mrs. Anna
Ms. Rai

I have been working at Highlands 

for 16 years. I enjoy cooking for the kids and love to see everyone enjoying the snacks I create. I also love to walk on the beach with my dog and enjoy the ocean breeze. 

Ms. Natalie

My favorite part of being in the classroom is helping the kids explore the world around them and seeing them celebrate their milestones. I hope to further my education in early childhood education. 

Ms. Emily

I enjoy working with children because there is never a dull moment and is always an adventure! I have learned a lot from the kids and I look forward to learning so much more!


I was led to this wonderful preschool 16 years ago by a mommy friend. At that time, I was a young mother of a kindergartner and a toddler. It was the perfect job opportunity for me to be a full-time mom and make a little income. I had no idea I would enjoy my job so much and this would be my lifelong career. Over the years I have had many job titles here at HPGP, but my favorite title is Preschool Teacher. I believe God has given us all a special gift. My special gift is teaching young children and I feel very blessed that God chose this path for me. 

Ms. Eileen

I have been a toddler teacher here at HPGP for 30 years. I love to watch them go through each phase of life and know I was a part of helping them learn and grow! My goal is to spread joy and laughter, to take in each moment knowing it is a gift from God. 

Ms. Sydney

 I love working with children because I get to watch them grow into their own person. I have been with the HPGP family for 7 years. When I am not teaching, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends on the weekend and going to Disney. 

Ms. Debbie

I started here at Highlands in 2022. When I am not working, I enjoy walking and sitting on the beach. To me, kids are interesting because I can always learn from them. 

Ms. Laverne

I have been a VPK teacher here at Highlands for 16 years. My goals are to retire in 3 years after teaching 23 years. I love to see children make a connection when they master what they are learning and all the hugs make the job worth it. 

Ms. Krystle

I have been a teacher here at Highlands for 8 years! Watching kids explore and learn through their eyes, seeing their excitement when they accomplish each new milestone, are some of the few reasons I love teaching. 

Ms. Yolanda


I started working at Highlands in 2020. I enjoy teaching because of the time I get to spend with the children and watching them learn & grow. My goals are to enjoy life and relax as much as possible. 

Ms. Sophia

I am 16 and a senior in high school. I work at Highlands in the afternoon when I am not playing after school sports. I love working with children, and my goal is attend college to become a neonatal nurse! 

Ms. Christin

Working with children has truly been rewarding. Their hugs and smiles make it all worth it. Currently, I am working towards my degree, with my goal of achieving my bachelors, possibly my masters. I love to read when I am not at work. 

Ms. Danielle


I am a mom of two, a three year old and a kindergartner, who graduated from HPGP. I've been a teacher for 9 years, and I enjoy the wonderment of exploration through the eyes of our kids. On the weekends, you can find us at the beach! 

Ms. Madison


I graduated from High School in 2023 and have loved working at Highlands. I enjoy working with all age groups but I think my favorite would have to be our toddlers.  Watching them learn to master things on their own is so exciting and I am happy I get to watch these sweet kids grow. 

Ms. Abby

I am a mom to a nine-year-old who graduated from HPGP. After working in the medical field for 10 years, I wanted a change. It has been the best decision I have made. Working with the children and watching them grow is so rewarding. Oh! And all the hugs make it that much better! 

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