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Serving families for 30 years!!!! 

"We are Small but Mighty"

                     -Ms. Anna, Director 

Our Philosophy:

HPGP has been serving families in the Ft. Caroline area for 30 years, and we are proud to have staff that have been at Highlands since the beginning! Here at HPGP, we encourage positive social and emotional development by providing an environment that incorporates fun and exciting early learning experiences. Here are a few things that make us great:

Learning through play as we offer a stimulating environment for children.

  • Options that fit all needs;  full time & part time available; 7am-6pm

  • Low staff turnover rate 

  • Whole Child Development

  • Constant communication between teachers and parents 

  • Once your child steps into our school, you become part of a family - all of our staff will know your child and your child will know the staff

  • Outside play daily (weather permitting) 

  • Chapel and music class weekly 

Whole Child Development

Our curriculum is tailored to meet each child’s unique emotional, cognitive, and physical development. Each month, our curriculum focuses on a different theme and includes lessons, activities and projects related to that particular theme. Parents are provided a monthly calendar that informs them of all the exciting things their child will be learning about that month.

Constant Communication

Parents are able to communicate with their teachers in person on a day to day basis at drop off and pick up. Teachers will also be using a mobile app to help with communication through out the school day. The app will also be used for updated pictures, reminders of upcoming events, and more! 


Ms. Jenna

We believe that children benefit from understanding God’s unconditional love and acceptance. We communicate this love through chapel experiences that are joyful and fun. Each Wednesday, the 3's and 4's take a field trip across the campus to Highlands United Presbyterian Church's Sanctuary where Mrs. Jenna will share God's Word with the children. Our chapel time includes a simple point that helps the children understand the basic concepts of Christian belief  (e.g. Jesus loves you, be kind to one another, etc.).   


Learning through music in early childhood is an incredibly effective way for kids to develop necessary social and cognitive skills. Once a week there will be a scheduled time for each class to leave their room and walk to music class led by Mr. Thomas, the church's Minister of Worship and Music. With singing, dancing, and playing instruments, it will be a fun experience and your child will be coming home singing! 

From Our Parents:

Jessica S. 

"My son attended there 7 years ago and the memories built are still something I look back to. The thing I loved most about Highlands Precious Gifts was the partnership between parents and teachers! Any concern or idea I had was heard and embraced. I love that no one was ever too busy to talk with me about my son. I loved not having to worry when I was at work and knowing that my child is receiving top level care from people who truly care about Merrick as if he was their own. My son was excited for school every day and was always happy when I pick him up! He was taught the essentials he needed for when he started school. From ABC's to picking up after himself. These lessons are priceless! The different classes by age and class size offered are a huge advantage as well. 
My child's teacher knew my son genuinely. She knew what he liked to eat and what his favorite activities were. My son wasn't "lost" in a sea of children. He was being taught and loved! I absolutely love Highlands Precious Gifts and feel so blessed to have found them. It is so hard to find genuinely good people who care for children. I consider them family. "

Susan C. 

"We are going on four years as an HPGP family and could not be happier. School leadership has been consistent, kind, and incredibly responsive- they love our babies and it shows every day at drop off and pick up. The HPGP teachers genuinely love what they do and working for the school- several of the teachers have been with HPGP for years and we've noticed that even the part-time extended day teachers stay as long as they can. As working parents, we cannot stress enough how great it feels to be able to drop off your child and know they are safe, loved, and well-cared for every single day. I have and will continue to recommend HPGP to everyone that I know!" 

Krystle T.

"We are going on 8 years with Highlands Precious Gifts Preschool. I have 3 kids that all started at Highlands when they turned one. My daughter and son are both HPGP VPK graduates!  I now have a toddler that will be joining the 2 year old class. There are so many things that I love about HPGP, but the one that stands out is that every staff member makes an effort to get to know every student in the school and in return my kids know each staff member. It really is a special school, starting at the top with leadership. Highlands definitely prepared my kids for Kindergarten. Going into VPK, my son lacked confidence, and by the end of the year, he was a different kid, ready to take on "big kid school." These teachers are so special and genuinely love working with kids. Highlands is a hidden gem and will always hold a special place in my heart! "
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